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This page is designed for any conversations about writing and reading that people want to engage in. I’ll try to monitor the conversations once a week. Here’s for starters:

I’m about three quarters of the way through a first draft of a new novel about a cold case murder. This early drafting is the hardest part for me. I’m much more comfortable with revising, with choosing the right word, the right image. But even in the drafting stage I find things that excite me and push me forward. My latest? A small thing–a place to fit in an image of a candy dish that my grandmother had and that my sister and I always joke about. She got the dish. I got the memory.

How do the little things impact others when they read or write?

December 21, 2018. The winter solstice, a beautiful day in Ashland. Here’s a link to Literary Ashland where Clive Rosengren and I interview each other.



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