A barn with a wooden cow’s head peeking out of the loft, two girls bicycling on a September day in 1990, a body they find dead in the barn. Thus opens The Barn. For the next thirty years, the case lies as cold as the boy, Joseph. Deborah Strong has settled in the town, learning to heal after his murder and the deaths of her husband and child in an automobile accident. When Rachel Cummings returns, the precarious peace Deborah has found as the town’s librarian is threatened.

Against the backdrop of New Hampshire’s January cold and snow and freezing rain, the women reopen the cold case and uncover secrets that have festered, as they often do, in small towns. The Barn is a story of friendship lost and recovered, secrets buried and unburied, and the power of forgiveness.

Watch for The Barn coming from Encircle Publications in July 2020. This is the first in a new series featuring small town librarian Deborah Strong.

Kudos to Chris Wait of High Pines Creative for the wonderful cover.